I started this eight year journey as a Mom with my youngest child at age 11 diagnosed on the autism spectrum. I now know all three of my children have been vaccine injured. I am vaccine injured. I also watched my Father who was active all his life because of man made allopathic interventions of drugs, vaccines, and procedures no longer have the ability to stand or talk anymore and eventually die very slowly. I have another experience with my Mother-in-law, who was my rock in autism, being killed in the hospital starting with a procedure she was bullied into. Observing this in family members and in my own life I know this is because of evil and love of the almighty dollar. We are being made less.

I am now a THINKING Mom, an entrepreneur, a Co-Author, and now an Author! I have empowered myself with knowledge that has helped me and now I want to share this and help you find your way back to the greatness our Creator intended for us all!

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