Vaccines Steal Greatness

The snowstorm on Saturday did not stop our voices. I hopped on a train to Long Island
to fellow Thinking Moms house Donna Knepple and Sallie O Elkordy’s radio show went on. Much information was shared. I talked about my book “The Book On Greatness” I covered what I wish I would have known from the time I considered becoming pregnant all the way through what happened to my Father. It is so important to avoid toxins of any form. Donna Knepple spoke about her experience being a part of the Autism Omnibus Proceedings and the challenges she still faces with her daughters vaccine injury. We are Thinking Moms who do not want you to endure the kind of pain we and our families have had to endure in large part because we trusted our Doctors. Sallie shared great and alarming insight on what the medical field looks for in prospective medical school candidates.

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